"Creating art out of hot wax and liquid colour into cloth, otherwise known as batik, presents a  

  challenge. Yet, Noel Dyrenforth, a leading internationally known artist in this medium, has produced  

  some of the most innovative and skilled work over the last four decades. His inspired work and

  teaching pioneered a fresh appraisal of this 2000 year old textile tradition."


  Rudolf G. Smend    

  curator, publisher and batik collector

As part of the emerging counter-culture of the early 1960's

I was eagerly seeking an alternative to the conventional art processes.

I found it in batik. Batik had little or no artistic legacy in the West, which liberated me from the constraints of content, style and practice. Equally I found in batik a means to resolve the historic dichotomy of art versus craft.

Since those heady days of discovery my passion has continued to infuse my creativity. The spirit of the work is underpinned by the discipline of the essential technique. Integrity and sensibilities are constantly being reappraised to enrich the expression.


I have never been complacent about batik. I constantly explore it for my own intuitive, creative ends;

I interrogate its methods, concepts and challenges. Rules are broken, re-defined; risks are taken.


The recurring themes in my work are about the cutting forces in society - I am aware that we live in an increasingly fractuous society. The system is encroaching upon our liberties, undermining our democracy day by day without us realising it.


batik artist